Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad and Apple TV

ISP is hosting the Czech Teacher's IT Summit this weekend, which will focus mainly on using iPads in the classroom.  Our network manager connected an Apple TV to the projector in our theater so that the speakers can present using AirPlay on their iPads.  This required a little bit of troubleshooting since the projector did not match the outputs of the Apple TV.

Here is what our setup eventually looked like:

  • Apple TV connected via ethernet cable to a wireless router.

  • HDMI output through a HDMI to DVI cable connected to projector.

  • Optical output connected to digital/analogue converter connected to theater sound system.

  • iPad2 connected through AirPlay to Apple TV


  • Wow.  This set up has some serious potential.  The various adapters are a bit of a pain, but the outcome is worth it - being able to view the iPad on the big theater screen.

  • Keynote on the iPad is quite nice.  The presentation screens are customizable and can allow you to view next slide as well as notes.

  • While we are using this in the theater, I can envision this setup being used in classrooms, offices and conference rooms of various sizes.

  • I've never been a fan of Interactive White Boards, and I really can't see how they will survive against the tandem of iPad/Apple TV.





  1. Good to hear. We worked on a wish list of things for our new office area and we put an apple tv on it. Do you know if you can use it to project a Mac, not only an iPad? I think we'll still need VGA/hdmi for that.

  2. @heather, you can project itunes from a Mac - I know that - but I don't think you can project your screen from any other app. Looks like mirroring is possible with the new operating system coming out this summer